The Night of Betrayal is the third chapter of the Goshibito webseries. It was released between 12th October 2016[1] and 26th October 2016[2]. Taka details what happened five years ago.

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The five Goshibito (with their faces shadowed) in front of a midnight sky.

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The group after returning to the palace tries to prevent Usagi and his men from taking over Azuma's throne.

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Taka starts his description of the night of the betrayal. He and the rest of the Goshibito, while returning from a mission, walks in the middle of a fight between the Palace Swords and the Red Royal Swordsmen[3]. After learning what is actually happenening the group rushed to save the Emperor and his daughter[4].


Usagi attacks Nashi.

While Shirotora and an another Goshibito went for Nashi, Taka went with another for Kuma[4]. In the throne room Taka found Nashi and saved her from Usagi's goon[5]. When Taka with Nashi was heading to Shirotora they encountered Usagi. 'The Thief' tried to attack Usagi but he dodged the attack and reappeard behind Nashi, attacking her with a powerful slash[6], which lefts her unconcious. An energy streak, from the attack hits Taka, who losses an eye in the progress[7].

Nashi interupts Taka's tale to ensure herself that Usagi left her an huge scar on her back[8]. She also asks him did Usagi also killed her father to acknowledge that her father is alive[2].


Usagi's flashback introduction.

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  • The chapter reveals the wound behind Taka's lack of an eye and the scar.
  • This chapters stats that Emperor Tengoku Kuma is actually alive.
  • Usagi makes his first appearance in the series although only in the flashback.
  • Names of the rest of Goshibito are revealed (namely - Allman, Daikon and Shouga).
    • Also, the chapter as well as the cover, reveals their clothing style.

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