Tetsushin Akira[1] (usually called simply Tetsushin) is a character in the Goshibito webcomic. He is a general in the Azuma Empire Royal Swordsmen Army. In the past he was the commander of Yamakaze Taka's Goshibito.

Appearance Edit

Tetsushin is an elder, tall man with middle lenght black hair ended with a pony tail and blue eyes. He also grows an 'english' mustasche. Like many others Royal Swordsmen he is seen wearing a green uniform with a blue undershirt and a beige sash around his waist. Unlike others soldeirs he wears a partial armor - green shoulderpads and a green torsopad[2].

History Edit

Not much about Tetsushin past is known. It is stated that he is a general for at least the time when the Goshibito were Royal Swordsmen (few years before they become Tengoku Kuma's personal guards)[3]. In the present days he came to Kiba village to take Daikon into custody. He interefered with Nashi (under dissguise), who brought Allman to him. He orders his soldiers to prepare a tent for 'him' (Nashi) to wait until he will give him the reward for capturing 'the Wind'[4].

Strenght Edit

It is not presented or stated how strong Tetsushin is. He is seen carrying an ordinary sword.

Others Edit

  • Tetsushin is one of few characters not introduced at his initial appearance.
  • It is stated that he knows about the Goshibito's powers and abilities[5].

References Edit

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