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Tetsushin is the 33rd chapter of the Goshibito webcomic and the 4th of the Daikon arc. It was released between 3rd February 2018[1] and 17th February 2018[2]. In the chapter Nashi sneaks throught the camp to get to Daikon and Allman.

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Tetsushin Akira with his adjutant in front of a tent.

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When night comes Nashi sneaks out of her tent and goes to the old courthouse, where Allman and Daikon are held.

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Allman, while being taked into custody thinks about the plan of unchaining himself and releasing Daikon as well[3]. Tetsushin asks 'the hunter' how did he managed to capture Creedo. Nashi comes up whit an idea - 'the Hunter' tells the General that 'he' found a beated up Allman near Nikukyuh (referencing to the fight with Kashmir). Tetsushin belives Nashi as he heard about multiple bounty hunters hired by Lord Usagi to take down the Goshibito[4].

Much later. Tetsushin and two of his men are talking about the situation. He is worried about that Creedo and Daikon might attract Taka to try free his comrades[5]. Nashi's tent. After learning that the camp went sleep she sneaks out and heads to the courthouse. Meanwhile Taka and Shirotora watches the camp from the hill. Taka is worried that instead of protecting Nahsi he sent her on a dangerous mission[6]. Shirotora cheers him up saying that Nashi would gain respect for 'the Thief' for trusting her that much. Back in the camp Nashi reaches the courthouse, where Daikon and Allman are held[7].


Nashi, near the courthouse

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  • Nashi mentions the fight between the Goshibito and Kashmir Polk, although happening outside an urbanized area.

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