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The Tengoku Royal family (or simply Tengoku family) is a royal clan from Azuma Empire. In recent years of Azuma history, the clan was the rulling family of Azuma, with Tengoku Kuma being the last Emperor form the clan.


Not much is known about the family. Tengoku Kuma was the last known male member of the clan occuping Azuma's throne before his "death"[1]. Also it is stated that all members of the family are able to use "Gravity".


The Tengokus held the emperors title for an unknown period of time. The last emperor, Kuma, while being the emperor participated in the Second Chourui Wars[2]. Some time later the emperor promoted few members of the Royal Swordsmen (called 'Goshibito') as his personal guard.

One night, the palace was attacked by Usagi and his Palace swords, which led to dethronizing Kuma (and making belive most of the Azuma inhabitants that the emperor was killed by the Goshibito), breaking the Tengokus' rules over Azuma[1]. The Goshibito took Kuma from the palace and hided him with Aoki Momo. After Usagin announced that Kuma is dead, th eemperor decided to stay dead for as while and ordered his swordsmen to, for a while, call off any counter attack at the palace.

Five years after the Night of Betrayal the last known Tengoku, Nashi, tried to hunt down the infamous Goshibito, only to realize that Usagi's versions of the tragic events might be false[3].


  • Tengoku Nashi.

    Tengoku Kuma (former emperor of the Azuma Empire/officialy dead);
  • Tengoku Nashi (Kuma's daughter)
  • Tengoku Anzu (Kuma's wife/deceased)
  • Tengoku Neko[4] (Kuma's son/status unknown)
  • Tengoku Anaguma (Kuma's father and predecessor/deceased)[5]


  • It's unknown if the family is still in line for the throne, thus Lord Usagi became the ruler as he was Kuma's chief adviser, suggesting that they could become again rulers of Azuma.
  • It's mentioned that Kuma had a son (who could be the current emperor of Azuma), thus it's stated that he disappeared some time before the betrayal[6].