Emperor Tengoku Kuma was the ruler of the Azuma Empire, father of Princess Tengoku Nashi. He is belived to be dead[1], killed by the infamous Goshibito. After the Night of Betrayal he was hided by Taka in a unknown location. It is said that he also had a son, but his fate is unknown[2].

Appearance Edit

Kuma had only a small cameo in the flashback from the first chapter. He is seen to wear yellow emperor's clothes. To date, he still hadn't a full appearance in the series.

History Edit

Kuma was the Emperor for an unknown time. At one point he hired the team, known as Goshibito as his personal protection. At one night, his chief advisor, Lord Usagi and his personal army betrayaled him and tried to takeover Azuma's throne. The Goshibito took him from the palace to a nearbe shed, built by one of the members.

After acknowledging of his daugher death he ordered his team to wait few days before making a move[3]. When Usagi announced that Kuma was killed by the Goshibito and put bounties on their heads, he ordeted the Goshibito to wait few years before attempting to strike back. Taka hided Kuma in a friends house, and the rest of the Team spread around Azuma[3].

Family and Releatives Edit

Kuma is a part of the Tengoku family. Some other members are known:

  • Tengoku Nashi - daughter
  • Tengoku Neko - son (mentioned/fate unknown)
  • Tengoku Anaguma - father (deceased)

Strenght Edit

It is unknown if Kuma has any fighting abillities. As a member of Tengoku family he able to use a magic called "Gravity"[4].

Swords Edit

As the emperor, Kuma owns a big collection of swords, including Ounotsumi. Despite that, it's unknown if he was ever using a sword.

Others Edit

  • Kuma, excluding his flashback appearance, still didn't appear in the series.
  • "Kuma" in japanese means "bear".

References Edit

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