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Nashi's Special page.

A special page is a publication, that is not connected to the storyline, that is released after a chapter. This pages are often relesead after "geminate" chapters. On certain ocasions (i.e. christmas, anniversaries) the special pages are released in the middle of the chapter. Initially, pages presented characters from the Goshibito series. After Special Page [016] Behind: Miyamoto Hayabusa the pages presented backstories of characters not mentioned mentioned on the comic pages.

Special page releases

Page Character(s) Chapter Date Notes
Special Page [001] Taka Lady Death 11th October 2016[1] A colored version of "Hassen Mayonaka" from Five Death Men
Special Page [002] Nashi Life After Death 10th November 2016[2] Nashi's scene with Hangetsu from Five Death Men (Taka's reflection is visable on the sword)
Untitled Taka, Nashi, Shirotora & Xorneto Middle of Blue Twins 27th November 2016 Facebook hiatus exclusive
Special Page [003] Usagi Blue Twins 16th December 2016[3] Usagi's first full post-betrayal appearance
MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY Taka, Nashi & Shirotora Middle of New Swordsman 24th December 2016[4] Christmas special
HAPPY NEW YEAR Taka, Nashi & Shirotora New Swordsman 1st January 2017[5] New Year's Special
Special Page [004] Shirotora Shirotora 15th January 2017[6] Shirotora's pose simillar, that appeared in Blue Twins
Special Page [005] 'Shirotoras' Shirotora and Hayabusa 18th Febuary 2017[7] Shirotora in her many age appearances from Shirotora, Hayabusa and Shirotora and Hayabusa
Special Page [006] Miyamoto Hayabusa The Thief 21st March 2017[8] Hayabusa watching North Yasai area[9].
Special page [007] Miyamoto bandit group The Wind 19th April 2017[10] Miyamoto bandit group from year 1389.
Special Page [008] Shirotora Who is He? 19th May 2017[11] Shirotora in her Royal Swordsman outfit.
Special Page [009] Nashi Creedo 18th June 2017[12] Nashi as the 'mysterious bounty hunter' (unmasked).
Special Page [010] Allman Creedo Not Afraid 18th July 2017[13] Allman in his full appearance.
Special Page [011] Avaricio Creedo and Gato Creedo The Groom 18th August 2017[14] The Creedo family next to Yaguar Creedo's grave.
Author's Note [001] Taka and Xorneto The Groom 18th August 2017[15] First Author's Note to be released. Taka chasing the author.
ONE YEAR OF GOSHIBITO! Taka, Xorneto, Nashi, Allman, Shirotora and Usagi. Middle of Last Run 28th August 2017[16] Characters in separete page pads. Anniversary page.
Author's Note [002] Taka, Nashi and Xorneto. The Last Run 19th September 2017[17] Author's apologies for an hiatus.
Special Page [012] Taka and 4 other swordsmen. Akame and Usagi 3rd October 2017[18] Taka with hangetsu in front of four other swordsmen.
Author's Note [003] Xorneto Kashmir (chapter) 19th October 2017[19] The author with a pencil-themed sword, without glasses.
Special Page [013] Vladislav and Tadeo Braveski The Unstopable 4th November 2017[20] Vladislav and Tadeo in front of Braveskis' Mansion.
Special Page [014] Shirotora and Xorneto King's Sin 4th December 2017[21] Shirotora in bikini on a beach.
Author's Note [004] Xorneto and Nashi Shock 19th December 2017[22] Author with a new haircut and Nashi with scissors.
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Allman, Shirotora, Taka and Nashi. Middle of Chourui Cross 24th December 2017[23] Christmas special.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Akame, Taka, Nashi, Usagi, Zefir, Xorneto, Shirotora, Kashmir and Allman. Middle of Chourui Cross 1st January 2018[24] New Year's special.
Special Page [015] Xorneto, Nashi, Allman, Taka and Shirotora. Chourui Cross 3rd January 2018[25] Character posing as characters from popular manga series[26].
Author's Note [005] Xorneto, Nashi and Taka. Tetsushin 17th Febuary


Authors note on 'lettering'[28] and new 'Special Pages' format.
Special Page [016] Shirotora and Hayabusa. Old Courthouse 4th March


Hayabusa'a backstory.
Author's Note [006] Xorneto, Nashi and Taka Old Courthouse 4th March 2018[30] Introducing new 'Special Page' format.
Special Page [017] Allman and Tadeo Braveski. Swordless 3rd April 2018[31] Allman backstory (his road from Fuego Republic to Eagle Kingdom).
Author's Note


Taka, Xorneto and Nashi. Face Off 19th April 2018[32] Author's announcment of a longer hiatus.
Author's Note [008] Xorneto, Nashi and an unknown character. Face Off 3rd June


Last "Author's Note" before the hiatus.
Special Page [018] and Special Page [019] Sankawa Saburo and Domino Face Off 4th June 2018[34] World famous bounty hunters on their way out of the hospital.
Author's Note [009] Jameson Mandrake Face Off 1st July 2019[35] Introduction of the Spellcaster one-shots.
Special Page [020] Dragoma Zefir and Usagi Face Off 2nd September 2019[36] A comback page of the series.
Author's Note [010] Chris Xorneto Face Off 2nd September 2019[37] Xorneto appearing as Goku returning from Yardrat. Comeback "Author's Note".
Special Page [021] None Tetsushin and Akamura 12th November 2019[38] Azuma Empire's map.
The End Taka (image from King's Sin) Middle of Sword 7th December


Announcement of stoping publishing the comic on Smack Jeeves
Special Page [022] and Special Page [023] Kashmir Polk (past Shock and backflash) and Taka (backflash) Sword 26th December 2019[40] Kashmir recalls his meeting with Taka.
Author's Note [011] Taka, Xorneto, Nashi Run, Son 16th January 2020[41] Small update. Wiki introduction.
Special Page [024] and Special Page [025] None Aoken and Kineko 11th Febuary 2020[42] Ancient Swords special page.
Special Pade [026] and Special Page [027] Aoken and Kineko Grandson Daikon 25th March 2020[43] Aoken's and Kineko's backstory.
Special Page [028] and Special [029] The Goshibito with Usagi Assassination 15th May 2020[44] Goshibito's days as Royal Swordsmen
Author Note [012] Xorneto, Nashi, Taka Mistake 26th June 2020[45] 50th chapter's celebration.
The 50 Various Mistake 29th June 2020[46] - 30th June 2020[47] 50th chapter's celebration continuation. Four pages were released containing character's number of appearances through the series and scetches.
Special Page [030] The Goshibito and Nashi Student and Teacher 12th August 2020[48] The Goshibito in Jojo's Bizzare Adventure style.
Special Page [031] and Special Page [032] Taka and Tengoku Kuma Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! 24th September 2020[49] Taka's and Kuma's encounter. Those pages continue Kuma's story interrupted by Aoki Momo.
Special Page [033] and Special Page [034] Various Truth 7th November 2020[50] Reimagination of the Goshibito characters.


Allman's special page.

  • Usagi is the first character to have a special page without an actual appearance in the series' main storyline.
  • Taka's and Nashi's special pages are renditions of Five Death Men scenes.
  • Hayabusa is the first character which special page which has an actuall backround instead of a color gradient.
    • Also, the first to have a backsory special page.


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