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Shirotora is the 8th chapter of the Goshibito series. It release started on 1st January 2017[1] and ended on 15th January 2017[2]. This is the first flashback chapter in the series and the first briefly showcasing Shirotora's past.

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A young Shirotora stands in front of a house in a broght light. Her shadow (on the house) forms in her "adult shape".

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Shirotora runs from her home in to Azuma's woods, where she meets Hayabusa.

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8 year old Shirotora.

Nishi Empire, year 1389. Shirotora (8 years old) witnesses her parents arguing because of their children. When her father calls her 'useless', Shirotora runs out of the house crying[3]. After some time of running, exhausted Shirotora walks in a local bandit (who later introduces herself as Hayabusa). Shirotora tries to retreat but she slips and falls on the ground. The girl is suprised that the mean looking thief politely talk with her. Another bandit appears but the woman orders him to stay back. Hayabusa offers Shirotora something to eat, on which the girl agrees[4].

While eating, Hayabusa asks Shirotora about her parents. The girl recalls in her mind her fathers words, and tells the bandit that she is an orphan. When Shirotora falls asleep, the other bandits come out to their leader, and talk about the girl. Hayabusa decides to take her back to her home[5].

When Hayabusa finally reaches the Nishi village she hears voices coming from a nearby house. She listeness to Shirotora father's complains about her daughters, also saying that disappearance of Shirotora is actually a good thing. Hayabusa turns back and carries the girl back to her group, confirming that she really doesn't have parents[2].

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  • This chapter helps to stat that Shirotora was born in year 1381.
  • This is the first chapter that is fully a flashback story.
  • This is the first chapter released in 2017.

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