The Royal Swordsmen is a millitary formation of the Azuma Empire. Their sub-formation, the Red Royal Swordsmen (sometimes simply called the Reds) is division that operates in and around the Royal Palace.

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Royal swordsmen from Nikukyuh, as seen in Allman vs Sankawa

Not much is known about the formation. Royat swordsmen are seen in dark green long coats with pale sashes[1]. On the back of their coats a 東 symbol is seen (meaning azuma in japanese). Their palace's counterparts are seen in red samurai-based armors wielding a single edged swords. It is unknown if a Red Royal had to be a Royal to become later a Red.

A single patrol is seen in Nikukyuh that might suggest that units are scatered around Azuma and serve also for lawenforce.


Few Red Royal Swordsmen form bartender's tale.

History Edit

Chourui Wars Edit

"In year 1392 a war between Nishi and Azuma occured (the first Chourui War). Because of Tengoku Anaguma's (...) reckless decisions, Azuma lost a great part of Chourui (...). In year 1401 the second Chourui War broke out. Crushing Advantage of Nishi army made Azuma lose another part of Chourui."[2]

Past Edit

In the past, Taka, Shirotora, Allman, Usagi, Daikon and Shouga were Royal Swordsman[3] until the Emperor hired them as his bodyguards. While being Royals their team gained the name 'Goshibito'. The Red formation where seen protecting the palace from the invaders on the night of betrayal.

Present time Edit

An certain part of the army, under the command of General Tetsushin Akira, was sent to Kiba village in Honyuhrui to capture on of the Goshibito, "Swordless Daikon". While that, a mysterious bounty hunter hands them over unconcious Allman Creedo[4].

Conflicts Edit

  • Royal Swordsmen vs. Nishi Army (first Chourui War).
  • Royal Swordsmen vs. Nishi Army (second Chourui War)
  • Royal Swordsmen vs. Miyamoto bandit group[5].
  • The Red Royal Swordsmen vs. Palace Swords.
  • Royal Swordsmen vs. Allman, Daikon and Nashi.

Others Edit

  • It is unknown if the Red Royal Swordsmen still exist after Usagi's successful takeover of Azuma's throne.
  • Although mentioned many times in the Goshibito arc, they first appear in Allman vs. Sankawa.
    • Although it's stated that the Goshibito were Royal swordsmen, currently, they're not in their ranks.

References Edit

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