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The actaual events in the present storyline in the Goshibito webseries are set in a fictional world, with a fictional timeline. The fictional timeline below present the most important events of the Goshibito world.

The current year of the series (as for the last update of the present storyline[1]) is year 1410[2].

Pre-Goshibito era Edit

1334 Edit

1338 Edit

1358 Edit


Nishi Empire, Year 1389.

1370 Edit

1381 Edit

1382 Edit

1383 Edit

1389 Edit

1392 Edit

1393 Edit

1395 Edit

1399 Edit

  • Miyamoto Hayabusa dies because of her injuries. Shirotora becomes the new leader of Miyamoto bandit group[12].
  • Yaguar Creedo is killed by Allman Creedo[13].
  • Allman Creedo runs from Fuego Republic. He travels to Limey Kingdom, West continent[14].
  • Allman travells through the west continent. He leaves Limey Kingdom and visits L'Hexagone, Tri-Crown Kingdom and Hansland Empire.

1400 Edit

  • Allman Creedo works as a groom for Braveski family in Bravery, Eagle Kingdom.
  • Tadeo Braveski and Vladislav Braveski die in a fire of the Braveski's Mansion.
  • An political uphheaval takes place in Nishi Empire ending the rules of the last empreror. The rules are held by the Utopian party[15].
  • Aoken and Kineho leave Nishi and move to Kiba. On their way they find Daikon.

1401 Edit

  • The Second Chourui War takes place[16].

Goshibito era Edit

1404 Edit

  • The Goshibito make an military oath to the Emperor of Azuma Empire, Tengoku Kuma as his personal guard[17].
  • Usagi becomes the chief adviser of Emperor Tengoku Kuma.

1405 Edit

  • Night of Betrayal takes places[18].
  • Usagi becomes the Ruler of Azuma Empire[19].
  • Goshibito on Tengoku Kuma's order are deactivated and spread around Azuma[19].

1409 Edit

  • Aoken and Kineko die in Kiba village.

Present Storyline Edit

1410 Edit

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