Palace Swords is paramilitary formation founded by Emperor's Kuma chief adviser (at the time), Lord Usagi. The group supoused to be a back-up for the Red Royal Swordsmen[1], ultimatly being Usagi's private army[2].

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The group was formed by Usagi as a back-up team for another formation operating in the Royal Palace, Red Royal Swordsmen. Actualy, the group was used by Usagi in order to takover the palace.

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Akame, captain of the Palace Swords.

Members of the group are often cited as 'goons' meaning that their members are soldiers of fortune or stray swords. Palace swords don't have a special feature and are often seen in casual clothes.

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Akame is the captain of the group. It is unknown for how long he commanded the Swords. It's stated that he is an average fighter[3], although he progressed since the betrayal. His Ishi level is high enough to avoid Gaia-type magic's intangibillity[4].

History Edit


Palace swords on the Night of Betrayal.

After the Goshibito was chosed by Emperor Kuma as his bodyguards and Usagi chosed by the team as the Emperors chief adviser, Usagi founded a back-up team for the Red Royal Swordsmen, called the Palace Swords. When the rest of the Goshibito was outside the palace Usagi used the team as his back-up for his plan to takeover Azuma Empire. Many members were defeated by the Goshibito when they tried to prevent Usagi's plan. Five years after the events of the betrayal the Swords still operate, under the current ruller of Azuma, Lord Usagi.

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  • The formation is more often called "Usagi's men" or "Usagi's goons" rather than Palace Swords.
    • Their official name appeared first time when Akame was introduced in "Life After Death".
  • Akame is the only named member of the Swords.

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