Ounotsumi (jap. "King's Sin") is the ancient sword owned by Tengoku Royal Family. Curently, it is carried by Princess Tengoku Nashi.

Appearance Edit

The sword appeares as a single-edged long-sword (resembling a katana). It's deep red hilt has three diamond symbols on it. It's sheath also has wears same symbols to fit the sword's appearance. Ounotsumi's hand guard has a tilde shape.

Strenght Edit

It's stated by Taka that the sword strongly alterrs the users personality[1]. Nashi while wielding the sword belived she can take out the Goshibito all by her self[2].

Users Edit

Nashi stated that she took the sword from the palace two weeks before arriving in Yasai[3] and since, she is seen carrying the sword. The sword was brought by Kuma after the second Chouri wars (probably some time before the assamble of the Goshibito)[1]. Also, Taka seems to have some kind of relation with the sword.

Others Edit

  • Ounotsumi is the first ancient sword to be named in the series and second to appear (Hangetsu being first).
  • The sword's hang guard has three different appearances - on the first chapter's cover it has a rounded cross shape, in the chapter itself it had its tilde appearance but it's much rounded than in later chapters.

References Edit

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