New Swordsman is the 7th chapter of the Goshibito webseries. It was released between 17th December 2016[1] and 31st December 2016[2]. Taka, Nashi and Shirotora began their journey to the next Goshibito, Allman.

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Taka with a bag, and a conical hat travels through a green area.

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The group, after defeating Akame, continues their journey in gathering the Goshibito.

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After Shirotora defeated Akame, Taka decides to continue their journey. Nashi is against it, as she sees leaving Akame for a sure death not ethical[3]. Taka and Shirotora ensures Nashi that Akame wounds aren't lethal and the group leaves the battle ground[4].

Shortly after the group walks away, Dragoma Zefir, who was watching Akame and the fight in secret, steps to Akame[5]. As he was ordered by Usagi to observe Akame and see how much they progressed through these five years, he takes Akame back to the Royal Palace[6].

As Nashi still has doubts about leaving Akame in the middle of nowhere, Shirotora asks Taka would he allow to train Nashi in swordsmanship[7]. He agrees as being worried that later on she might be attacked (like Akame tried to do it) and they won't be able to come in time to save her[8]. Nashi complains about Shirotora's flawless, on which she replies that there is no reason to be worried about[9], and mentions a person from her past[2].

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Dragoma Zefir introduced.

In appearing order

  • Taka (main story and flashback)

Chapter notes Edit

  • The chapter's cover probably showcases Taka entering Yasai.
  • It is mentioned in the chapter that in the Goshibito world there is a propper way of carrying an ancient sword and a cursed ancient sword.
  • This is the last chapter of the Goshibito arc consisting the present plot line, the arc's ending center's around Miyamoto Hayabusa.

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