Usagi and his men.

This is a list of characters from the Goshibito webcomic. Some characters of this list have separete articles on their topic. Characters are listed by appearing order in the comic. Background characters (with voicless cameos) are excluded.

Goshibito arc Edit

Five Death Men Edit

Bartender Edit


The customer, bartender and waiter.

The tavern's bartender serves at the bar from the first chapter. He along with the waiter provides the story of Goshibito[1].

Waiter Edit

Waiter from the tavern is seen to serve the customers. He accompanions the Bartender at his story of the Goshibito[1].

Customer Edit

A customer in the tavern (probably a visitor of Azuma) that's sitting at the bar. He shows interest in who Taka is and is the main listener of the Bartender's talk about Goshibito[2].

Goshibito Edit

Goshibito is a group of five skilled swordsmen that were Emperor Kuma's bodyguards. It's belived that they killed Kuma and tried to takeover Azuma's throne.

Tengoku Kuma Edit

Kuma was the Emperor of Azuma Empire five years before the main story begun[3]. He is belived to be dead[4].

Usagi Edit

Usagi is the current ruler of Azuma, former chief adviser of Kuma[4]. He is the one that framed the Goshibito and also one of it's earlies members.

Taka Edit

Taka is the unofficial leader of the group known as Goshibito and one of it's earliest members[5].

Tengoku Nashi Edit

Nashi is the daughter of Emperor Kuma[6]. At first she seeks for vengens on the Goshibito, eventually joining them to defeat Usagi.

Kimura Edit


Kimura and his companions.

Kimura is a local drunk, an often customer of the tavern. When Nashi (disguised) enters the tavern he wants to fight the hunter, being stopped by Taka (who also insults him)[7]. When he also left the tavern to deal with Taka and Nashi, he attacks Taka (after recognizing him as the most wanted Goshibito) only to be defeat shortly after.

Kimura's companions Edit

Kimura is seen accompanied with two others stray swords[8]. They aren't seen as Kimura's loyal servant but rather his followers. They're also defeated by Taka.

Lady Death Edit

Shirotora Edit

Shirotora is the only female member of the Goshibito[9]. In the past she became a close friend for Nashi[10].

Live After Death Edit

Akame Edit

Akame is the captain of the Palace Swords[11]. He was send by Usagi to the possible location of Shirotora to defeat the two Goshibito and get Nashi back.

Blue Twins Edit

Dragoma Zefir Edit


Dragoma Zefir

Zefir is Usagi's chief adviser. Not much is known abour him. He was sent in secret after Akame to keep an eye on him, and eventually, bring him back alive to the palace[12].

Shirotora Edit

Miyamoto Hayabusa Edit

Hayabusa was the leader of her own bandit group and the foster mother of Shirotora[13]. She died because of her injuries took while fighting with Royal Swordsmen.

Miyamoto's bandit group Edit

A group of different swordsmen lead by Hayabusa is a bandit group operating in Yasai, Azuma. After Hayabusa's death, Shirotora took her position. The only named member of the group is Taro.



Shirotora and Hayabusa Edit

Kinsawa Edit

Kinsawa is a Yasai bandit, rival to Hayabusa and her group. Between year 1393 and 1399 he became a member of Miyamoto's group.

Allman arc Edit

Nikukyuh Edit

Domino Edit

Domino is a world famous bounty hunter[14] hired by Usagi to defeat Taka, Shirotora and Allman and bring back princess Nashi back to the Royal Palace.

Sankawa Saburo Edit

Sankawa is a world famous bounty hunter[14] hired by Usagi to defeat Taka, Shirotora and Allman and bring back princess Nashi back to the Royal Palace.

The Weight Edit

Allman Creedo Edit

Allman Creedo is a member of the Goshibito from Fuego Republic[15]. He came to Azuma after he was exciled from Fuego.

Creedo Edit

Rico Edit

Creedo family's henchmen and a teacher in swordsmanship.


Yaguar, Gato, Avaricio, Jessica and Allman Creedo.

Jessica Creedo Edit

Jessica is Allman's mother and second wife to Avaricio Creedo.

Danny Edit

A bartender in Fuego City's Downtown bar "Danny's".

Avessa Edit

An inhabitant of Fuego's Downtown. She becomes Allman's love interest. Espado's sister. She is killed by Yaguar.

Family Edit

Gato Creedo Edit

Gato is Avaricio's middle son and Allman's half-brother. After Yaguar's death and Allman's excile he becomes Creedo family's right hand.


Avessa and Espado.

Espado Edit

Avessa's brother. Victim of Creedo family's action over downtown. He is killed by Yaguar.

Avaricio Creedo Edit

Head of the Fuego's Creedo Crime Family. Father to Allman and Jessica's husband.

Yaguar Creedo Edit

Yaguar was Avaricio's right hand and his oldest son. After he and Avaricio arrives to Espado's warehouse he kills of him and Avessa but is eventually killed by Allman.

Escape from Fuego Edit

King Arthur's Sailor Edit

Allman pays money to an unnamed Sailor to take him out of Fuego Republic. The Sailor also takes care of wounded Allman.


Vladislav and Tadeo Braveski.

The Groom Edit

Vladislav Braveski Edit

Vladislav Braveski was an Eagle Kingdom's sir of Braveria land. He hires Allman as a groom in his mansion and was the previous owner of Batora. He dies in the fire of his mansion.

Tadeo Braveski Edit

Tadeo was a sir of Braveria and Vladislav's son. He befriends with Allman and makes him his own swordsmanship teacher. He dies in the fire of Braveski's mansion.

Last Run Edit

Von Eisenhart Edit

A Baron form Hansland, von Eisenhart claims rights to a part of Braveski's land. He with his men sets up the fire in Braveski's mansion.

Kashmir arc Edit

Akame and Usagi Edit

Kashmir Polk Edit

Kashmir is a nobility form Eagle Kingdom who gets hired by Usagi to hunt down Taka and bring Nashi back to the Royal Palace. It is stated that he is Taka's rival.

Daikon arc Edit

Bounty Hunter Edit


Tetsushin and Akamura.

Tetsushin Akira Edit

General Tetsushin is the former commander of Goshibito before becoming Kuma's bodyguards. His army came to Kiba to capture Daikon.

Major Akamura Edit

Major Akamura[16] is General Tetsushin's subordinate and his adjutant. He served in Tetsushin's army for many years.

Old Courthouse Edit

Couthouse's guards Edit

Three unnamed guards patrol the are around the courthouse. Nashi passes them by to get inside the building.

Inside Edit

Daikon's guards Edit

Two heavy armored royal swordsmen appear in Kiba's courthouse to guard Daikon. One of them (with "lined" eyes) name is Hiroto. Both are defeated by Nashi.

Swordless Edit

Daikon Edit


Right to left - Daikon's sister, father and mother

Daikon is the youngest member of the Goshibito. Unlike the other Goshibito he doesn't use a sword and concentrates on ishi attacks.

Daikon Edit

Daikon's family Edit

Daikon's father was a Royal Swordsman of an unknown rank. "Daikon" is actually the father's name. He also had a mother and an older sister the all were killed by an unnamed bandit group.

Sword Edit

Unnamed bandit group Edit


The unnamed bandit group

A group of bandits that raided Daikon's house and killed his family except him (because of letting him fled). One of the bandits was defeated by Aoken.

Run, Son Edit

Aoken and Kineko Edit

Aoken and Kineko is an elder couple from Nishi who found Daikon in the middle of nowhere and became his adoptive grandparents. For the rest of their lives they lived in Kiba.

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