Live After Death is the 4th chapter of the Goshibito webcomic. It was released between 27th October 2016[1] and 10th November 2016[2]. Taka concludes his story of the betrayal night and faces a new treat on their way.

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Shirotora (seen from behind) with both Aofutago swords walks away from a battle ground.

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Taka continues his story of The Night of Betrayal. After realizing that Usagi might be on their way the group goes further only to meet Akame.

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Nashi is shocked to acknowledge that her father is alive and that she lived in Usagi's lies for the past five years[3]. Taka carries on with his story - after seeing that the Princess is probably dead and loosing an eye, Taka, in rage attacks Usagi[4] but only manages to wound Usagi's face. Instantly after the attack, he is tooked away by Allman[5].

The Thief continues that Nashi's father was found in her room and was looking for her. The team with Kuma hided in a near by shed, where they were ordered to wait few days before atriking back. When Usagi announced that Kuma was killed by the Goshibito and puted bounties for their heads the Emperor decided to stay dead and wait few years before an attemp to defeat Usagi[6].

Taka, when finished, starts to wonder how Nashi left the Palace only to find out that she ran unnoticed two weeks ago[7]. The Thief decided that they'll have to gather the team faster (beliving that Nashi was kept alive as Usagi's trump card if something goes wrong) as Usagi's goons might be already tracking them[8]. As the team leaves Shirotora's house, they encounter one of his men, Akame[9].

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Akame introduced.

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  • This chapter, with the introduce of Akame, names Usagi's men with their official name for the first time.
  • It's stated that Usagi was a Goshibito member in the past.
  • The chapter stats why Taka didn't belived in Usagi's announcement that Nashi is actually alive.

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