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Lady Death is the second chapter of the "Goshibito" webseries. It release started on 27th Sepember 2016[1] and ended on 11th October 2016[2]. The chaptet introduces the next Goshibito - Shirotora.

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Nashi stands in front of Shirotora's ghost form with Ounotsumi in her hand.

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Taka and Nashi go to a deserted area[3] to meet with Shirotora.

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Nashi defends herself from a mysterious attacker.

Nashi, who decided to follow the most wanted Goshibito, travels with Taka to another Goshibito, which Taka claims knows where the rest members are[4]. Suddenly, Taka hears a mysterious sound, which turns him on guard[5]. A mysterious mist instantly rushes from the trees in Nashi's direction. Nashi tries to defend herself but her sword phases through the attacker. Taka recognizes 'the mist' as Goshibito teammate - Shirotora[6]. Nashi also regains her memories and recognizad her friend from the past[7].

The group travels to Shirotora's house. There, Taka and 'Lady Death' talk about what happened five years ago and why Taka was waiting so long to gather the swordsmen again. Nashi, who saw a memorie from the past[8] ask 'the Thief' to tell her what happened that night. Taka agrees to reveal her what realy happened five years ago[9].

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  • Shirotora, Aofutago and 'Ghostman' magic makes their first appearance.
  • Nashi has a first flashback of the betrayal night.
  • Although Nashi has a flashback with Taka, she still doesn't remember him.
  • This is the first chapter, after which a special page was released.

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