Kashmir Polk[1] (called simply Kashmir) is a character of the Goshibito webcomic. He is a knight from Eagle Kingdom and a rival of Taka. His rivality lasted for over 50 fights, which he all won, except for one[2].

Appearance Edit


Kashmir introduced

Kashmir is a tall men (taller than every Goshibito, even Shirotora) with brown hair and blue eyes. Also, he has brown sideburns. He wears a black top with an orange chest armor-like plate on its front, black pants with a brown belt and red gloves and boots. He wears 'Crow' clan's coat of arms on the right side of his chest. Like Yamakaze Taka, he also wears a white scarf around his neck, but also a white bandana on his head. In his initial appearance he wear a white cape with yellow/golden ornaments, but was abandoned after Nashi cut through it. In his younger years Kashmir had longer hair[3].

History Edit


Kashmir, 21 years old

Not very much is nown about Kashmir's past. At age 21 Kashmir met Taka in Eagle Kingdom. Kashmir and Taka fought, but Polk lost to 'the Thief'. Kashmir swore that the next time they meet he will defeat Yamakaze. From that day Taka lost every fight with the Knight[2]. Also, in Eagle Kingdom, Kashmir had a releationship with the Braveski family[4].

In recent time, Kashmir was hired by Usagi to defeat Taka and the other Goshibito and bring Nashi back to the palace[5]. Kashmir encountered them some time after they left Nikukyuh. Shirotora rushed on him only to be defeated instantly. Next he outmatched Allman and Taka (which he nearly killed). Only Nahsi managed to knock out him thanks to a ishi-shock[6]. After a while, he regain concious, only to realize that the fight is over[7]. Kashmir announces that he will get Taka before Usagi will do[8].

Family and relatives Edit

Kashmir has a family althoug it is mentioned by him, that his family (the Polk family) had close releationship with Braveski family[4].

Strenght Edit

Kashmir is shown to be a very powerful swordsmen, easly defeating Shirotora, Allman and Taka. His ishi waves are shown to be very destructive which not only push Taka and Allman to use alot power to dodge them but also to eliminate Allman's attack. He posses also great physical strenght as he throws Shirotora with a great impact signle-handed.

Swords Edit

Kashmir is seen wielding a regular sword called 'Visla'. It appeares as a regular longsword (or a Zweihänder) with no magical abilities. Also, Taka mentions another sword - 'Jagger' which seems to be more distinctive to Polk, but Kashmir had to gave it to Eagle Kingdom's royal knights[9].

Fights Edit


Kashmir fighting with Taka.

Others Edit

  • Kashmir is the first swordsman in the present storyline to de facto defeat Taka.
    • Sankawa Saburo was close to defeat him as the first but Taka was aided by Nashi.
  • He is the first character from Eagle Kingdom to appear in the series in the present storyline.
  • Since his cameo appearance and introduction, 13 chapter was released[10].

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