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Allman with a sphere of pure ishi.

Ishi (Will is Eagle Kingdom) is a special abillity in Goshibito world. It's stated that high level users can fight Gaia-type magic's intangebillity[1] but it's useless against Ancient swords[2]. It's unknown if everyone can master this abillty. Ishi is stated to be mastered by many skilled swordsmen.


Daikon blocking a sword with his hands thanks to ishi

As stated by Shirotora, Ishi is belived to be the force to keep tiny pieces of the world together - which explains why users of the abilitie can make their swords and bodies harder (also explaining why Akame stoped Shirotora's Ghost-from). The first step to controlling the abillity is concentration and internal calm (which allows to feel the Ishi force)[3]. Also controlling Ishi allows to use magic as well[4]. Also, Ishi is needed to use ancient swords magic abillities[5]. Ishi can be sensed as well by other ishi used, but it is unknown if it allows to determine it's level. All living being have ishi in them, therefore can be sensed, although a very high ishi level (like Nashi's) can't be sensed at all.



Sankawa uses a ishi wave against Taka

As stated, nishi is needed to use magic and ancient swords (with their respective abilities). Also some ishi-exclusive techniques were shown:

  • Shock - allows the user to do a non-lethal attack on the opponents, although harming him mentaly (immobilizing him or even knochinkg out). Shirotora[6] and Nashi[7] were shown to use this technique.
  • Magic-immunity - ishi users can overhelm Gaia-type intangibility. Akame's ishi level was enough to cut Shirotora's Ghostman form.
  • Body hardening - ability to harden the users body. Used to block attacks
  • Ishi Wave - ability to realese ishi through a sword, which allows to perform distant attacks. Sankawa and Kashmir are shown to attack with ishi waves.Taka also performed distant attacks, although his waves are boosted by his sword.
  • Pure Ishi - ability to release Ishi in a visible sphered form. Allman's demonstrates this to Nashi before entering Kiba.


  • Akame is the first confirmed user of the abilitie.
  • Avaricio Creedo probably also is able to use ishi, as he grabed a spade with his bare hand without taking any damage[8].
  • Japanese 'ishi' means will.