Hayabusa is the 9th chapter of the Goshibito webseries. It was released between 16th January 2017[1] and 30th January 2017[2]. It's the second chapter overviewing Shirotora's past, certainly, year 1393.

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Shirotora, Hayabusa and two members of Miyamoto's group standing next to eachother.

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Shirotora joines Hayabusa's group in an ambush and findes Aofutago.

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Yasai, year 1393. Shirotora trains with Hayabusa with bokkens. After the training ended Hayabusa gaved Shirotora her very first sword (a ninjato)[3]. Excited Shirotora asked Hayabusa if she also join her on an ambush[4]. Eventually, Miyamoto agreed, only asking Tora-chan not to get in any trouble.


Hayabusa defends Shirotra.

After a short timeskip Shirotora is seen running from an unnamed swordsman. When she finally tries to fight him back, she slips and falls on the ground. Hayabusa saves Shirotora just in time, killing the attacker[5]. When Shirotora looks at the place where she sliped, she notices something under the surface. When she looks closely she finds there two swords[2].

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Hayabusa and Shirotora training.

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  • As shown in the chapter, Shirotora was 12 when she found Aofutago.
  • The chapter shows how the relation between Hayabusa and Shirotora changed over time.
  • Although two members of Hayabusa's group appear on the chapters cover none of Miyamoto bandit group are seen in the chapter.

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