Hangetsu (jap. "Half Moon" and also called Weapon of the night by Nashi[1]) is an ancient sword wielded by the Goshibito Taka. It's the first sword to appear in the series.

Appearance Edit

The sword is a curved single-edged long-sword. It's navy blue hilt has three "half moons" (decrescent moons, acctually). It's hand guard is also a "half moon".

Strenght Edit

It is stated that sword is able to gather energy from the moonlight. This allows to attack with energy waves[2]. Unlike normal ishi waves, ones created by the sword are far more powerful.

Mangetsu no Hikari

Users Edit

Taka obtained the sword as his father's last war trophy in 1392 when he was ten[3]. From that time he is the only known user of it.

Techniques Edit

  • Hassen Mayonaka (jap. 8,000 midnights) - the user charges fully with the swords energy and releases a destructive energy wave. The move is also called "Hangetsu's secret move"[4].
  • Warui Tsuki (jap. Bad Moon)- an quick draw attack. The user grabs the hilt and slashes through an object with an enormous speed.
  • Mangetsu no Hikari (jap. Light of Fullmoon) - the user releases an energy wave from a distance (most likely, form above of his target).

Others Edit

  • The sword's appearance changed in "Lady Death" compared to it's original appearance in "Five Death Men".
  • In early chapters the hilt's moons where turned to the same side when the blade was up or down.
  • Hassen Mayonaka was used by Taka at least three times - when Taka ran away Kimura and his companions, aggainst Usagi at the Night of betrayal and also earlier before the betrayal
    • Nashi remembers the attack and since she was knocked out in the palace, Taka also had to use it earlier.

References Edit

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