Gravity is a Moderna magic that allows "to change the gravity" of objects[1]. It is stated that the Tengoku clan members are able to use this magic[2].

Overview Edit

It is stated that thanks to this abillity the user can change the gravity of different objects (thus, it isn't stated how the actual 'change' works). Nashi is seen using it abillity to free Taka from Sankawa. She 'pushes' away Sankawa to a nearby wall. While in Kiba, Nashi is seen using "Gravity" more often to free Daikon. While using, blue flames appear over the gravity-changed object[3].

Users Edit

As stated by Shirotora and Taka all members of the Tengoku family are able to use this magic, thus they need to be teached how to use magic itself (like Nashi).

Others Edit

  • This is the first Moderna to be mentioned in the series (although it wasn't stated in the series itself, because of the classification, its very possible that it is a Moderna).

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