Goshibito is a webcomic series by Chris Xorneto. It began it's release on 28th August 2016[1]. The series focuses on the titular Goshibito on their way on saving Azuma Empire and retreving their good name.

Series Overview Edit

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The series focuses on a group of swordsmen, known as Goshibito, who once were guardians of the Azuma Empire's ruler, Emperor Tengoku Kuma, and are belived to try takeover the country[2] and killing the Emperor[3]. The Emperor's daughter, Tengoku Nashi, hunts the infamous Goshibito, eventually joining their leader and motivating Taka to gather the group.

Main Characters Edit

Tengoku Nashi Edit


Left to Right: Taka, Nashi and Shirotora

The Emperor's daughter, who tries to hunt the Goshibito, beliving in their guilt[4]. After meeting with Taka, she joins him after it is revealed that she was brainwashed by Usagi[5].

Taka Edit

The leader of the Goshibito. The serious swordsman decides to assamble the group after his encounter with Nashi[6].

Usagi Edit

The current stand-in ruler of Azuma[7], former adviser of Emperor Kuma and the one actually responsible for taking control over Azuma[8]. After Nashi runs from the Royal palace he sends his people to track her down.

Publication History Edit


Cover of the first chapter.

On 19th August 2016 on the comic's fanpage a background and profile picture was added. On 28th August 2016 the comic officially began it's release on Smack Jeeves and Comic Fury with pages 1-3 from Five Death Men. Pages 4-6 and 7-9 were released on 29th August 2016 and 30th August 2016 respectively. On next day the pages were released one per day till 12th September 2016 when the comic had three pages released on that day. Since 13th September 2016 the publishing cycle remained to be one page per day (excluding say when a new chapters began it's release and two pages were released - the cover page and it's successor). From 27th November 2016 a technical hiatus took place[9] and no new page was released till 4th December 2016. Since then the comic is released constantly with page per day cycle. On 7th December 2019 the Author announced that the comic will no longer published Smack Jeeves[10].

Others Edit

  • This is the first known webseries of Xorneto, not to be a straight Dragon Ball alike series.
  • Although, "Dragons of Azuma" and "Goshibito" aren't releated, some of the "DoA" characters appear in "Goshibito".

References Edit

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