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Daikon arc is the fourth story arc of the Goshibito series. I release stared on 20th December 2017[1]. The story arc's first part follows the group as they try to free fellow Goshibito - Daikon.

Summary Edit

Chourui Cross Edit

Nashi wakes up from a nightmare, waking accidently Shirotora. The princess noticess tak Taka sits on top of a nearby hill. Shirotora tells Nashi about Taka's past. The princess asks from who she knows all of this on which 'Lady Death' responses Taka's former best friend - Usagi[2].

Entering Kiba Edit


Royal Swordsmen camp next to the village

The group continues their travel to reunite with Daikon. While approaching Kiba village Taka notices two Royal Swordsmen on patrol. Worried about the meaning of the partol that far from the village, Yamakaze orders the others to go throuth the forrest for the rest of the way. When the group reach the  village they discover that a Royal Swordsmen Army have a camp next to the village[3]. Assuming that Daikon might be already in the army's custody, Taka comes up with a plan how to infiltrate the camp[4].

Royal Swordsmen camp Edit

Nashi (under disguise of a bounty hunter) enters the camp and gives General Tetsushin (the camp's commanding officer) his prey - Allman Creedo[5]. Following the plan, Nashi demands 'his' reward for capturing Allman. Tetsushin asks 'the Hunter' to stay in the camp and wait for the reward[6]. Meanwhile Allman is taken to the old courthouse, where Daikon is held.

Old Courthouse Edit

Nightime. After learning that the camp is asleep Nashi sneaks out her tent to get inside the Courthouse. After avoiding the guards she gets inside. There she finds Allman but decides to free Daikon first[7]. On the courthouse's groundfloor two heavy armored Royals are guarding Daikon's room. Nashi, thanks to 'Gravity' sends one of the gaurds to take a rest and knocks out the other one. After entering the room Nahsi recognizes Daikon - the youngest Goshibito member[8]. After unchaining him, a widow falls on the sleeping guard, waking him up. When he walks downstairs he sees his fellow guard unconcious and notices Daikon and Nashi. Nashi again thanks to 'Gravity' knocks out the Swordsmen. When the two finally free Allman, 'the Wind' rushes to leave the camp as fast as possible, only to be stopped by Nashi, who noticed that the camp wasn't alarmed yet[9]. Quickly, because of a soldier falling from the sky, the camp finds out of their presence, and Tetsushin orders his men to charge on the courthouse. After a short exchange, Nashi, Allman and Daikon, successfully escape from Kiba[10].

Characters Edit

Chapters Edit

Major Battles Edit

  • Nashi vs. Royal Swordsman
  • Allman vs. Royal Swordsmen
  • Daikon vs. Tetsushin

Others Edit

  • This arc expands Nashi's usage of 'Gravity'.
  • Durning the arc's release, an hiatus in the publication took place, lasting over a year.
  • This arc introduced first ranked (General Tetsushin and Major Akamura) and also named Royal Swordsmen (Also Tetsushin and Akamura).

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