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Daikon (also known as Swordless Daikon)[1] is the youngest member of Goshibito. After Usagi became Emperor's Kuma chief advisor, Daikon replaced Usagi as the member of the group. While being a Royal Swordsman he was seen as Taka's student[2]. Unilke other members, his only 'weapon' and primary ability is ishi[3]. 'Swordless' doesn't remember the name given him at birth. 'Daikon' was his fathes name.

Appearane Edit

Daikon is a short young boy with pale, spiky hair and sky blue eyes. In some of his appearances he is seen wearing a navy blue martial arts suit. In the present storyline, however, he is seen wearing a white shirt with navy blue pants. He is also seen wearing a white belt and black martial arts shoes[1].

Daikon was born with dark hair, but in year 1400 due to the shock from witnessing his father's death his hair became pale[4].

History Edit

Early days Edit

'Daikon' was born in 1395. He lived somewhere in Azuma with his parents and sister. In 1400 his house was raided by a bandit group resualting in his family death. He himself ran away and was found by an elder couple from Nishi - Aoken and Kineko.

Goshibito days Edit

It is unknown when Daikon joined Taka's group. Before that he was raised by two adoptive grandparents - Aoken and Kineko, in Kiba village. It's mentioned that he was in the Royal Swordsmen army alongside with the other members. In 1404 he made an oath (like the other Goshibito) to Tengoku Kuma[5]. He also fought in the Night of betrayal.


Daikon introduced

Fort Kiba Edit

In 1410 the Royal Swordsmen captured Daikon in Kiba village where he resided. Taka sent to the villaga Nashi and Allman to free 'Swordless'. After breaking in the courthouse, Nashi finds Daikon chained in one of the rooms. After releasing him and Creedo, the group is caught by General Tetsushin. Daikon takes his attack but is released after Tetsushin's change of heart. 'Swordless' flies away from kiba with Allman[6].

Strenght Edit

It is mentioned that Daikon uses only ishi. Allman stats that the youngest Goshibito surpasses other members in this ability.

Others Edit

  • 'Swordless Daikon' is the only Goshibito member not using a sword. Early in the series, on the cover of The Night of Betrayal he is already seen 'swordless'[7].
  • Because of witnessing his fathers death, Daikon suffers of amnesia - he doesn't remember anything from his past (who his parents were, his name, etc).
  • Despite being 9 years old before moving to the Royal Palace with the other Goshibito, in the Royal Swordsmen amry, he held the rank of a sergeant[8].
  • Unlike others of the Goshibito his flashback clothing do not appear in the present storyline.
    • Although on the cover of Face Off he is seen in his suit[9].

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