Chris Xorneto (appearing simply as Xorneto[1][2] on many websites) is a webcomic author of manga-styled comics. His recent work is Goshibito, the subject of this wikia.

Appearance Edit

On most drawings the author presents himself with short brown hair and a goatee. Also he is seen with glasses. On one image he is seen with blue eyes, thus, this may be an effect of the glasses.

Publication History Edit

Past Edit


Xorneto "working" in his workshop

His earliest know publication is The Red Dragon released only on ComicDish. The series lasted for 15 chapters (released around 2015). After a hiatus the author began to release a retelling of tRD, namely Dragons of Azuma. It release began on 16th June 2015[3]. It started it's publication on four sites - ComicFury, Smackjeeves, ComicDish and the Duck Webcomic. The first chapter, Legend of the Dragon Warrior, was released entirely on that day.

On 12th September 2015, for unknown reasons "DoA" ended it release on Duck Webcomic. Later on, after technical issues on ComicDish, Xorneto stoped to publish on the site. Dragons of Azuma was released to 5th Febuary 2016[4], on Comic Fury and Smackjeeves.

Goshibito Edit

After a few months break, on Smackjeeves and ComicFury on Xorneto's profiles a new comic was added, namely the Goshibito. It released began on 28th August 2016[5]. To date, over 650 pages were released. On 19th April 2018 a hiatus was announced by the author (whith no specific date of a eventual resume of the series)[6] and after three more releseas (on 3rd and 4th June 2018) the series publication was held. After over a year an Author's Note was released which announced that the Goshibito will return (after the release of a one-shot, the Spellcaster). On 3rd Spetember[7] (after two special pages) the series reasumed it release (this time releasing only from mondays to fridays[8]).

Inspirations Edit

Xorneto's main inspiration is Dragon Ball manga (and many '70/'80 martial arts movies, while his "tRD"/"DoA" era). In some ComicFury blog entries and many more recent Facebook post "One Piece" was mentioned as inspiration for some characters. Also, his name suggest that Grant Morrison also might be his inspirition (as Xorn, later named by fans as 'Xorneto', was his creation for his 2001 New X-Men run).


Xorneto's earlier avatar.

Style Edit

His style is mainly based Akira Toriyama's style, with many characters drawed in a 'schematic' way. After "DoA" his style was updated with characters having slith differences, like 'colored' eyes.

Others Edit

  • To date, only one publication released by Xorneto can be considered as finished (the Spellcaster).

References Edit

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