Blue Twins is the 6th chapter of the Goshibito webcomic that release spanded from 26th November 2016[1] to 16th December[2]. The chapter continues the battle with Akame.

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Shirotora with Aofutago stands in a battle pose, in front of Nashi and Taka.

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Shirotora continues her battle with Akame and defeats him using her swords' abillity.

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After Shirotora took a injurie from Akame, Taka is shocked that her abillity didn't prevent Akame's cut. As "the Thief" has suspicions that Akame's Ishi became stronger, the captain confirms it and reveals Usagi's attemps to make the Palace Swords stronger[3].

After hearing Akame's words, Shirotora's exaust disappears and she asks Akame did he show the maximum of his abillity. The two Goshibito explain to the captain that thrugh these five years they also trained to become stronger[4]. Shirotora confesses that Akame's Ishi became high enough to stop her intangabillity and also stats that but even the highest Ishis can't protect a warrior from her swords' attack.

Akame stats that "Lady Death's" swords aren't ancient (because, only ancient and legendary swords are Ishi proof) as every ancient sword is unique. Shirotora responses to Akame that what her "sword's" unique is it has a twin[5].


Shirotra defeats Akame.

Shirotora's swords statrts to shine. When she approaches them, a big flash ends the shining. When Akame sees Shirotora holding one sword with both hands, he suspects that her swords became one, but "Lady Death" corrects him that she became two. Shirotora rushes on Akame. The Captain in panic tries the choose which of the "twins" is a fake (on which earlier Shirotora commented is a wrong stattment), but before he can attack he falls on the ground, with a X wound on his chest, while Shirotora (again as one) landed behind him.

Meanwhile the events are observed from a distance by a unknown man[6].

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  • The special page released after the chapter shows Usagi's present appearence for the first time.
  • The tittle of the chapter is a traslation of Shitorora's swords' name - Aofutago.
  • From 28th November to 3rd December the series went on a hiatus.

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