Battle of Nikukyuh is the first Goshibito action since the events of Night of Betrayal. The battle ocured in Nikukyuh village between three remaining Goshibito and world famous bounty hunters[1] hired by Usagi[2].

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After Nashi ran from the Royal Palace (seeking vengance on the Goshibito) Usagi sent many warriors around Azuma to bring her back and defeat the Goshibito. After dealing with Akame in Northen Yasai, Taka, Shirotora and Nashi went to Nikukyuh to make Allman rejoin the team. Before even entering the village, two bounty hunters, Sankawa and Domino, were waiting for the three[3].

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Sankawa launches a ishi wave on Taka

After the bounty hunter and Goshibito entered the village, the teams split (Goshibito to find Allman, the hunters to follow to follow them)[4]. Taka fought with Sankawa in the village's square. The two battled using their swords, ishi waves and magic abilities. Taka got 'cornered' by Sankawa with his weight[5] but Nashi helped 'the Thief' in releasing him[6].

Meanwhile Domino chased Shirotora[7]. When he lost her, 'Lady Death' found Allman Creedo in an alleyway. Before she could even explain to him the situation, the bounty hunter found the two[8]. Allman decides to fight him.


Allman preparing to dodge Sankawa's 'Ice Road'

After an off-panel battle Domino fels from the sky on the village's square, where Sankawa and Taka battled. Allman walks in the battle ground and fights Sankawa as well. Sankawa starts attacking Allman, who flies up in defense, Sankawa continues hitting 'the Wind' with a ice boulder, which Allman cuts in half. Creedo rushes from the sky on Sankawa. He takes one more chance on Allman but , Creedo dodges Saburo's third attack as well and end the battle defeating Sankawa[9].

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The team fled from Nikukyuh, after a patrol of Royal Swordsmen were callad to the place[10]. The Royals aided the hunters and called medical helf for them. Outside Nikukyuh, Allman joined the team and he, and the rest of the group went futher on to the two other group members.

Others Edit

  • For some time, after the battle, Domino and Sankawa stayed in a hospital in Kegawa. This was mentioned on two special pages[11].
  • Durning the battle Nashi learned how to use her magic, 'Gravity'.

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