Batora (or Batora, sabre of wind[1]) is the ancient sword wielded by the Goshibito, Allman. A skillful swordsman is able to bend wind while using the blade. It is the first ancient sword to come from outside Azuma[2].

Appearance Edit

The sabre is a curved single-edged long-sword. The sword's hilt and it's sheath appears to be made of gold. The sword's hilt and sheth appears to be heavily ornamented. The sheath has the Eagles Kingdom coats of arms on it.

Strenght Edit

The sabre is shown to be a powerful weapon allowing it's users to contol wind[3]. Allman is shown to be able to fly thanks to the blade. Every slash of the sword creates a gust of wind. The sabre also can create solid wind shields[4].

Users Edit


Allman with Batora.

Tadeo Braveski stats that the swords comes form the Strongski Kings' dynasty, thus the first stated user (or just owner, like Tengoku Kuma owned Ounotsumi) was King Pilecki from Eagle Kingdom, and was given to Tadeo's Great-great-grandfather becoming Braveski family's sabre. After the death of the Braveskis Allman Credo became the User of the sabre.

Techniques Edit

  • Twister Shield - the user hold the spinning blade in front creatind a protecting wave.
  • Slasher Hurricane - the user swings the sword (forcing it to spin) in front which launches many projectile-like slashes.
  • Walking Tornado - the user flies up and then directs the spinning sabre in front of him, creating two 'walking' tornados.

Others Edit

  • It's the first named sword in the seires not to be a katana, also the first not from Azuma.
  • Batora's name may reffer to XVI century's polish king Stephen Báthory and a type of sabre called after him - batorówka.
  • Between some comic pads and pages the hilt of the sword has different size - from one-handed to two-handed.

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