Azuma Empire is the country located on the East continent and the home for many 'Goshibito' characters. The current ruler of the empire is Lord Usagi[1]. The last rulling familly was the Tengoku clan. The capitol city of Azuma is Doukutsu.

Overview Edit


The Royal Palace

Not much of Azuma is shown. The Empire has huge areas of woods and deserted areas. The shown architecture shows ordinary buildings with an eastern layout. Known locations of Azuma include the Emperor's Royal Palace in Doukutsu. Many areas of Azuma are mentioned (Yasai, Chourui or Honyurui). The country's currency is Kin[2].

Rulers Edit

The country is rulled by an Emperor which is a royal clan member ('higher' born famillies). This position is inherited by male family members (usually by a descendant). On some ocasion a lord may become Azuma's ruler (who previously was the Emperor's chief adviser), if the previous Emperor didn't have male descendant[1]. Also stand-in leader can't held his position longer than 10 years after which the rolay clans will chose a new Emperor[3].

Known rulers Edit

  • Tengoku Anaguma (emperor/deceased)
  • Tengoku Kuma (emperor/certified dead)
  • Lord Usagi (ruler/Kuma's former chief adviser)

History Edit


Azuma's map.

Not much isn't known about Azuma's past. In 1392 it is mentioned that the empire was in war with Nishi Empire (called the First Chourui War)[4] causing a loss of great part of Chourui. In year 1401 a second Chourui was occured wich also led to [5]territory losses. In year 1404 the last Emperor, Tengoku Kuma hired a group of swordsmen, known as 'Goshibito', as his personal protection[6]. It is belived that the Goshibito betrayaled the Emperor to take over Azuma, killing Kuma in the process[1]. Usagi chased away the swordsmenand now holds the title of 'the Ruler of Azuma'.

As the story starts, Taka notes that since Usagi took the throne, the Empire "falled from grace"[7].

Military Edit

The Empire has a armored formation known as the Royal Swordsmen (for both military and law enforcement uses) and a subdivision of them - the Red Royal Swordsmen. Also, the Emperor's Royal palace holds a formation known as the Palace swords. Formerly, Goshibito were a part of Azuma's millitary strenght.

Inhabitants Edit

See Category:Azuma inhabitants

Others Edit

  • In Dragons of Azuma, "Azuma" was the name of the continent.
  • Azuma in japanese means 'east'.
  • Female members of a Royal familly probably can't rule Azuma as Nashi (the 'last' Tengoku alive) doesn't hold the title of an 'emperor' nor a 'ruler'.

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