Avaricio Creedo[1] is the head of the Creedo crime family from Fuego City, Fuego Republic. He is the father of Gato and Allman and was the father of Yaguar. His second wife is Jessica Creedo (Allman's mother).

Appearance Edit

Avaricio is a middle aged man of medium height. He has black hair with a light refleciton on top and has a goatee. He also has brown eyes. Avaricio wears a white suit with a blue shirt, black/dark belt and black/dark shoes[2].

History Edit

Not much is known about Avaricio's past. At one point he became the boss of his crime organization (thus, it is unknown if he isn't a successor of any of his descendants). He was married second time with Jessica, which gave birth to his third son, Allman. Over time his family became the strongest organization in Fuego City[3].

In year 1399, while debt collecting, he was driven to fight his own son, Allman[4], nearly killing him, after Allman killed Yaguar, Avaricio's oldest son[5].

Family and Relatives Edit

Avaricio, as the head of Creedo family has many known family members:

  • Jessica Creedo - Avaricio's wife.
  • Yaguar Creedo - his oldest son (deceased)
  • Gato Creedo - Avaricio's middle son
  • Allman Creedo - Avaricio's younges son (expelled)

Avaricio introduced

Strenght Edit

Avaricio is shown to be a strong man. He nearly killed Allman while their fight in the Virgo street warehouse. Also, he might be a ishi user as well, as he was seen grabing a blade without getting hurt[6].

Fights Edit

Others Edit

  • 'Avaricia' is the spanish word for 'greed'.
  • Like every male Creedo he has the distinctive reflection on the top of his hair.
  • Although merciless wrecking Allman and showing no emotion when Yaguar killed Espado, he showed a softer side after his son death, crying over Yaguar's death body[7].
  • Avaricio is one of the few character never to be shown wielding a sword.

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