Aofutago (jap. "Blue Twins") is an ancient class sword owned by Shirotora. It is the only ancient sword to have a 'twin'[1]. It allows it user to duplicate.

Appearance Edit

The sword is a katana-like sword with a rounded-square hand-guard. The swords has a blue hilt with a roman '2' on it. Unlike other ancient swords it has a sky blue blade. It is the only ancient sword to be actualy two swords.

Strenght Edit

Like all of the ancient swords, Aofutago is Ishi-proof. It special abillity allows the user to double himself. The 'cloned' version isn't just a mindless copy, as the clone can speak and fight freelie.

Users Edit


Shirotora after founding Aofutago.

The only known user is Shirotora. She found it in North Yasai in year 1393 (at age of 12) after Hayabusa's group ambush. Hayabusa teached Shirotora two swords style and using Aofutago. Much earlier (long before Shirotora) an unknown user used the sword to spill inocent blood (and making it a 'cursed' sword)[2].

Techniques Edit


Shirotora attacks Akame with "Ani Kiri".

  • Tetsu no Kyoudai (Iron Brotherhood) - the blades cover with blue flames. The user gets the swords closer and becomes two warriors.
  • Ani Kiri (Brother Slash) - the doubled user rushes from different directions on the opponent, slashing him at once and merging right after.

Others Edit

  • As there isn't two swords with the same appearane, Aofutago has the most distinct features - it appearance, blue blades and it existance as two swords.
  • Shirotora doesn't carrie Aofutago on her hipp becase the swords are cursed.

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