A bunch of ancient swords.

An ancient sword is a class of powerful swords in Goshibito universe, that possess magic abilities. It is stated that the swords might have similar powers, although every sword in their appearane is unique[1]. Also the sword is able to connect with the users magic powers (namely, with Gaia-type healing abilities).

Overview Edit


Batora, sabre of wind

Most of the swords were smithed in 37th century of the second era. Every ancient sword is unique in it's appearance. The swords appear to have a symbol on it's hilt, one big or three small. The swords are described to be Ishi-proof (although, it's needed to use the swords' magic abillities) and posses a special ability[1]. The abilities of the swords are a resault of a meteor called Skyrick or Tsukinoiwa[2]. The swords' sheats have a similar appearences to their hilt. Also an ancient sword should be carried on the users hipp[3]. Also a sword can gain a curse (which, as belived, will bring misfortune to every next user) by spilling innocent blood with it, although swordsmen ommit the curse by carring the sword on the back[4]. Durning the time in the second era over 1,000 swords were created, but only 364 are curently known.

Shirotora with Aofutago.

Swords Edit

Name Symbol Powers User
Aofutago Roman '2' Allows the user to duplicate Shirotora
Batora None Airbending Allman
Hangetsu Three decendent moons Energy gathering Taka
Ounotsumi Three diamonds Users behavior alternation Nashi
Unnamed Shouga's


Lightning Probably lightning releated Shouga

Legendary Swords Edit


An unknown legendary sword.

It is mentioned that there is also a class of 'legendary swords'. Those also are stated to be Ishi-proof[1]. The swords are much powerful than ancient swords. Normally, ancient swords are unbreakable but legendary are able to do so. There are only 10 known legendary swords (and a one which existance is only hypothetical)[5].

Others Edit

  • Ounotsumi is the first sword in the series to be named.
  • Usagi also is seen with a sword that might be an ancient one.
  • Batora is the first ancient sword outside of Azuma.

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