Akame is the fifth chapter of the Goshibito comic. It's publication began on 11th November 2016[1] and ended 25th November 2016[2]. The group deals with the Usagi's Palace Swords' captain, Akame.

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Akame stands ready to fight with his sword in his hands. Behind him a big Usagi appears.

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The two Goshibito battles Akame, who, appearently became a matched enemy.

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Taka and Akame stand in front of each other. Shirotora and Taka warn him that he is no match for them, but suddenly Akame rushes on "the Thief" and starts the fight[3]. To dodge one of Akame's attacks  Taka jumps and accidently uncovers Nashi, who becomes Akame's target[4]. Akame attacks but Shirotora steps in front and takes the hit. Taka rushes on Akame but "Lady Death" stops him. Shortly after she delivres a kick to Akame which sends him on the ground, she summons him for a sword fight[5].

Akame accepts the fight. Shirotora rushes on him, but suprisely he dodges her semi-ghost form attack[6]. After a short exchange, Akame inurjures Shirotora, much to Taka's surprise[7].


Akame vs. Shirotora

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In appeaeing order:

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  • The chapter's cover showcases Usagi present appearane (as he has a scar on his cheek) for the first time in the series.

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