Akame is the captain of the Palace swords formation[1] created by Usagi. He is seen as a tall man with spiky black hair and brown eyes. Uncovered parts of his body appear to be covered with black diamond-shaped tattoos[2].

History Edit

Akame is known as the captain of the Palace swords (being one of the longest running members since Usagi created the formation)[3]. It is unknown what he was doing while Usagi was taking-over the Royal Palace.

Five years after the betrayal he was ordered by Usagi to defeat Taka and Shirotora and bring Princess Nashi back to the palace. Akame fails to defeat the two Goshibito and is defeated himself by Lady Death. After the Goshibito leaves the battleground Akame is tooked back to the palace by Dragoma Zefir who was watching the fight all the time[4].

Akame latter appears in the Royal Palace, where he is called by Usagi. Usagi tells Akame to explain why he decided to kill of Nashi and disrespected his order. Usagi attacks the Captain but appearantly kill of on of Akame's Palace swords, mentioning that Akame is very impotant to the plan[5].

Strenght Edit

It is stated that Akame (compared to an average Royal Swordsman) is a strong warrior, although still no much for the Goshibito[6]. Also, he was trained in Ishi control, which allows him to be immune to Gaia-type magic effects[7].

Fights Edit

  • Akame vs. Taka (interrupted).
  • Akame vs. Shirotora (lost).

Others Edit

  • Akame is the first confirmed Ishi user.
  • His debut finally names the Palace swords, since before they were called just "Usagi's men".

References Edit

  3. Taka remembers Akame before the betrayal, meaning he already was a part of the Palace Swords.
  5. Chapter 24 Akame and Usagi
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